This CER Inventory is fully sponsored by the Partnership to Improve Patient Care (www.improvepatientcare.org). Due to the significance this research has to the patient and provider community, in terms of both improved decision making and policy implications, PIPC decided to create this inventory to respond to a need for a comprehensive listing of CER projects funded by the 2009 stimulus legislation and AHRQ's Effective Health Care Program.

For each project in the inventory, the following information is available:

  • Agency - federal agency responsible for funding and managing the project
  • Award Type - the funding mechanism for the project (grant, contract, task order, etc.)
  • Project Title - In the case of grants, this is the title of project as provided by the principle investigator. In the case of contracts or other federal business opportunities, this is the title of the request for proposals.
  • Amount - Amount of federal money being spent on the project. In some instances, amounts are not made available.
  • Summary - Summary of the project as provided by the principle investigator or contract notice.
  • Completion Date - The day the project is scheduled to be finished
  • Link - Federally sponsored website where the information provided in the inventory came from.

Every effort has been made to compile complete information for each project. In some instances, some if the information may not be currently available and the field will be left blank. If you think a project record has been listed with an error, or have additional information about a particular project please contact PIPC at cerinventory@improvepatientcare.org

The Future

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) that was enacted in March 2010 creates an important new program for comparative effectiveness research (CER) that will conduct and communicate research that compares the effectiveness of different items and services. A new, independent organization, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), will conduct comparative clinical research on a wide range of health care items and services including procedures, tests, pharmaceuticals, disease management strategies, devices and approaches to health care delivery. Funding for the new Institute is expected to reach approximately $650 million annually by 2014. In addition, upon passage, this legislation disbanded the federal coordinating council for CER.

As this is a significant new development for government sponsored CER, PIPC intends to monitor the work of PCORI and update the inventory as necessary.

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To read more about PCORI, visit http://www.improvepatientcare.org/news-media/pipc-welcomes-appointment-pcori-board