Study Categories

To facilitate easier searching, PIPC has organized research projects into six categories. When you go to the Inventory search page you will have the option of searching for projects within a category, or you can view the inventory in its entirety.

  • Medical treatments, items and services: projects comparing two or more different approaches to curing, treating, or preventing a particular health condition. This is a broad category that includes studies examining topics such as procedures, public health interventions, delivery systems, medical devices and diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Communication of Research Results: Projects focused on communicating, translating, or distributing research results to specific audiences.
  • Research Methods: Projects that develop or refine methods related to comparative effectiveness research.
  • Data Infrastructure: Projects that establish or expand databases or registries that will provide data to conduct CER.
  • Pending Projects: Announcements or notices for projects that have not yet been funded.
  • Other: projects that do not fit into the categories listed above or undertake a broad range of activities that span across several project categories.

You will have the option of further refining a search in the medical treatments, items, and services category by a particular disease or condition.

These categories were selected based on recommendations for the types of CER projects that should be funded by the Federal Coordinating Council for CER and the Institute of Medicine's report on National Priorities for CER. You can view these reports on our resources page. The structure of the inventory only permits for a study to be listed under one category. PIPC has made every effort to accurately categorize studies, but the categorization process is inevitably a partially subjective process. In some instances the appropriate category is not clear based on the project description, and in other cases a single project encompasses multiple categories. Please keep this in mind as you use the inventory. In the event that you think a study has been mis-categorized, we would appreciate you notifying us by emailing